70 people on the receipt after illegal car-meeting in Groningen

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the police approved a group of seventy people because they were present at a so-called ‘car meeting. Because of corona, it is not allowed to get together with several people. In addition, a meeting with cars like this is not allowed in Groningen, according to the police.

The attendees had gathered in a parking lot near the Sontweg. When cops got there, some people left the car and climbed over the fences to get away from the property. The police have recorded the plates of the cars left behind.

Also party in old cinema ended

Sunday, the police in early childhood put an end to an illegal party with fifty people aged 20 to 30 years in the old cinema hall in the Zeeland Hulst.

Cops, after a noise report, had to break open a door to get in. The attendees then fled. According to the police, this could have led to a fatal situation due to wood rotting in the old building, different levels and slippery surface due to pigeon poop. Also, former emergency doors could easily be opened, after which people from 6 meters high could have fallen down.

In order not to cause panic according to the police, the attendees were allowed to leave the premises after their records were recorded. When the officers thought everyone was outside, the rooms in the building were still viewed and several young people appeared. Although the police said that everyone could get out safely, people saw the young flee over the rooftops.