70,000 children who are damped surcharge affair get compensation

All children who grew up in poverty and faced with family problems due to the payment affair will receive financial compensation. It ranges from 1500 to 7500 euros, depending on their age. That‘s what State Secretary Van Huffelen writes to the House of Representatives.

It’s about 70,000 children and young people. In addition to financial support, they receive long-term support in trauma handling and finding their way around society.

Groups of children of โ€œpay parentsโ€ themselves advised the Cabinet through conversations and panels.

Van Huffelen thanks the children for their input and will continue to ask for advice in the coming years. โ€œThe loss of youth is in no way retroactively repairable,โ€ says Van Huffelen. โ€œThe Cabinet can recognize their suffering and contribute to a better future.โ€


So far, more duped parents have reported of the childcare benefit affair than expected. The number of hours they need help handling their case is also greater than expected: 35 hours instead of 20 hours on average.


a result, the organization set up for settlement has been lagging behind.

Van Huffelen has been trying to increase the number of employees for months, but finding people with the right background is not easy. They also need to be trained and worked in. There are eight hundred people now working at the special organization.

Cat House Scheme

42,000 parents have so far enlisted for the Cat House Scheme. From them, 19,000 parents received the first compensation of 30,000 euros after a ‘light test’ of eligibility.

Parents who are in the big financial trouble and who can‘t wait for the first compensation have been accelerated. Of them, the whole file has been reviewed. It’s about a few thousand parents so far.

Van Huffelen wants to use summer to improve the practices to give parents more customization. There are groups of parents who suffer less damage than the 30,000 euros they get, but there are also parents who need help to get their situation back in order in the coming years.

The Cabinet also works on arrangements and assistance for victims other than parents, such as their ex-partners and victims of surcharges other than the childcare allowance.