78 people alive from Indian apartment building, rescue operation stopped

The rescue operation in the Indian industrial city of Mahad after the collapse of an apartment building was stopped after 33 hours. Aid workers no longer have any hope of getting people out of the rubble alive.

According to The Indian Express, rescue workers managed to rescue 78 people from the remains, including a young child. Sixteen people did not survive the disaster

Some five people are held responsible for the disaster and have been indicted, including the builder, the architect and the contractor.

Warned by the neighbour

The top three floors of the four-storey building collapsed on Monday. This happened at the beginning of the evening. About forty families lived there. A number of residents managed to get out on time, thanks in part to an attentive housemate.

Lots of people were warned by a man who lived on the fifth floor of the building. When he came home from work, his daughter warned him that the building was moving slightly. “At first I didn’t believe her, but later I felt it too,” he told The Indian Express.

Already tear

Where exactly the men who have been charged are suspected of is not yet clear, but they probably broke the rules. The building was at most ten years old and would have shown cracks before.

At least the collapse would not have been caused by the monsoon rains. According to local residents, there was little rain in Mahad.

expressed his sympathy. He said that his thoughts are with the affected families and that he hopes that the wounded will recover quickly.