8 days left until US election: Mike Pence not infected with corona

Update 15.15: Mike Pence tested negative on corona

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has been tested negatively for the coronavirus, says his Secretariat. A number of his close employees recently tested positive.

Tonight, Pence is leading the Senate vote on Amy Coney Barrett as the new Supreme Court judge. Democrats wanted him not to do that because of the contamination in his environment. Conservative Barrett was nominated by President Trump.

Update 15.00: Today voted more ‘early’ than in 2016

There are already more ‘early voters’ in the US presidential elections than in 2016. More than 58 million Americans have already cast their votes, reporting press agency AP and CNN based on censuses and research.

That number was only reached four years ago on the day before the elections. The early voices then accounted for 42 percent of all votes, says CNN. Especially because of the coronacrisis, people would now be more likely to vote and avoid crowds on election day.

President Trump was himself one of the early voters last weekend, in Florida: