8 minutes of space battles in the fresh Chorus action gameplay

IGN shared 8 minutes of exclusive gameplay of the sci-fi space action Chorus, dedicating the video to dynamic space battles, during which you should use different weapons. In addition, the ship‘s improvement is also demonstrated. The main character of Chorus is Nara, once a close associate of the leader of the dark cult โ€œCircleโ€ and his best fighter.

Now she is fighting an irreconcilable battle with the Circle, and in this she is helped by the Forseiken ship, with which she merges her minds. Players are promised an exciting storyline campaign, research deep space, battle ships and mysterious creatures from the Abyss, 4K and improve weapons, defense and mental abilities.

Chorus will be released on December 3 on both PlayStation, Xbox and PC ( More on Gambling Rumor: Codemasters will release GRID Legends on February 25 No Man’s Sky Players will be able to get Normandy from Mass Effect Creative Dragon Age 4 executive left BioWare.