9 million deaths and 1 billion homicides โ€” what happened in Returnal since release

Housemarque studio shared the statistics of Returnal players for the first month, thanking all players for the warm reception of the studios first major game. 9. 02 million times players killed 1,015 billion enemies killed 5.

8 million hours played most died at the hands of Frick – the first boss the most popular weapon – Hollowseeker. Returnal came out on April 30 only on PS5 – Sony did not comment on sales of the novelty, but already managed to call the project โ€œnew successful IPโ€.

In the United States, the project managed to reach the top ten for April, although it was released on the last day of the month. More on CCeit Curve Digital will release I Am Fish, new project of authors I Am Bread Netflix: โ€œArmy of the Deadโ€ included viewers with 72 million Crytek accounts following Crysis& nbsp; 2 teaserite remaster Crysis 3.