900 prisoners escape after attack of Muslim extremists at Nigerian prison

Nearly 900 prisoners have escaped from a Nigerian prison in the capital Abuja, after rebels blew up the main entrance. According to a spokesman for the Nigerian Prison Authority, around 440 prisoners are still on the run.

Last night, armed extremists attacked the maximum security Kuje prison, according to authorities, with very heavy explosives. A guard was killed. The government suspects that Muslim extremists from Boko Haram are responsible for the attack.

The rebels went to prison after the explosion and released almost all detainees. At least 64 of them are members of Boko Haram, says the Nigerian Ministry of Defense.

In the investigation, helicopters are deployed while officers comb out the neighborhood. Several prisoners have already been taken from bushes. An unknown number died in the attack.

Captured prisoners were immediately detained again:

This is not the first time that a prison has been targeted by rebels. Nigerian jihadists and other armed groups have carried out several attacks on penitentiaries in the northeast of the country in recent years.

Last year, more than 2,500 prisoners escaped. Over the past five years, 4300 have escaped, writes Nigerian medium TheCable.