Özcan Akyol responds to whine mail and gets surprising reaction back

TV presenter Özcan Akyol decided to respond completely differently to an email from a woman who often complained to him. That turned out surprisingly and he shares the result with pleasure on Twitter.

The mail shows how he urges the woman, called Ellen, to find a hobby and to close herself off from people she annoys, just as Akyol does. According to him, it helps. “Life is too beautiful and too short to remain acidified.”

Apparently, he hit a sensitive string at Ellens. She even speaks to him with Laiverd, Gronings for sweetheart. Ellen is grateful that he took the time to respond to her and let her know that she did have too much time. “Have a little painted out and walked out. Should be back for class. Or as a doctors assistant at work. Both for learned.”

She says that all three of her children have gone to high school by now and that she needs a “kick the ass”. “But Im not giving it to myself.”

The shovel of Akyol is thankfully received, because she tells us that she will go back on the hiking in the beautiful Westerwolde. She pays another compliment to Özcans hometown of Deventer and ends with a thank you and kind regards.

No wonder the presenter likes to share the exchange. “I thought: let me comment on hate mail for once. And what happened then…”