A couple of frames from the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer

A couple of frames from the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer flowed into the network โ€” its announcement is expected in the next few days. It is unknown for sure how true the screenshots are, but there are indirect confirmations. Initially, the screenshots were quite in poor quality, but thanks to neural networks they markedly improved.

In the first frame from a birds eye view show the island and the hybrid helicopters flying above it, then as on the second already from the pilots cockpit visible the spaceport. According to rumors, already in the debut trailer of the shooter will show the features of the sixth part – huge maps with changing the time of day and dynamic weather.

These possibilities are called almost the foundation of the network component. Battlefield 6 is due to be released at the end of the year โ€” according to DICE, the biggest team in the history of the series is working on it.

Moreover, as we have noted earlier, for the first time in history there is such a large interval between two parts of Battlefield โ€” about three years. More on Gamomania Resident Evil Village, PUBG, Death Stranding and NIER โ€” in the fresh Steam chart Midautumn will talk about Asian diasporas struggle against gentrification Leaked: S.

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. 2 will be released at the end of 2021 and will be a 3 month Xbox exclusive.