A film adaptation of Stephen King and Apples Lisi Story will be released on June 4

Vanity Fair published the first footage of Stephen Kings film adaptation of the novel “Lisis Story” starring Julianne Moore in the title role. The plot of the piece is about the writers widow who tries to come to terms with his death and protect the remaining works from overactive zealots who want to put their hands on him . In addition, she is haunted by a certain entity who used to hunt for her husband.

And heroine will have to find a way out of this whole situation. In the series, apart from Moore herself, will dream: Clive Owen, Dane DeHaan, Joan Allen and Jennifer Jason Lee.

The premiere is scheduled for June 4, the miniseries consists of eight episodes, and King himself was the screenwriter. More on CCeit To Ghostrunner release free update and paid supplement Metal Ox WRC 10 will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the championship — trailer and the first details of the rally “Captain Blood ” still exists – build of the final game found and even passed.