A film adaptation of the comic Sweet Tooth about people-hybrids has been released on Netflix

On Netflix, the first season of the film adaptation of Jeff Lemires comic Sweet Tooth about the world after a global catastrophe was premiered. In this story, various hybrids have begun to appear among people, possessing traits of different animals. One of these just turns out to be the protagonist with the antlers of a deer – he goes in search of a mysterious refuge in Colorado, on the way getting acquainted with an itinerant lonel.

But the world beyond familiar places are cruel – many people are experiencing difficulties, and besides with pleasure hunting creatures like the main character. The project managed to get positive reviews from critics – on Metacritic he has 80 points on 7 reviews, while on Rotten Tomatoes as much as 100% freshness (24 reviews).

However, critics saw not a hollow season, but only a few first episodes. The series is available on Netflix with dubbing and Russian subtitles.

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