A fuss for spies of Muslim Party Member: ‘Do not live in the Medieval Ages’

Breast pies, pecky pies or butt pies: Jolisa Brouwer from Waalre does not turn her hand over. But her bakes have caused a real riot by now. Brouwer is third on the list of candidates of the Islamic Party of Unity. And they‘re not so happy with the pies. They would even want her to distance herself from a possible seat, but according to the baker, none of that is true.

โ€œ It started when NIDA, another Islamic party, found out I’m making these cakes. That soon came to GeenStijl, in the hope that people would not vote for us anymore. Apparently, in politics, we need to make each other black out,โ€ says the baker.

Listtreker Arnaud van Doorn of Party of the Unity tells the Brabants Dagblad that this weekend he had a solid conversation with his party mate. The party is freaked out. โ€œIf we‘d known this, she wouldn’t have been on our list.โ€

According to Brouwer, Van Doorn‘s words have been ripped out of context. โ€œWhat does a chair have to do with a cake that’s online with me? (…) My party reacted quite relaxed. Arnoud is not negative and not positive about it. But what I do in my personal life is private. And as a party, we believe that everyone should be able to be themselves.โ€

She‘s not going to take pictures of the pies off her website and social media. According to her, the snaps are โ€œneatly shieldedโ€ and you have to โ€œreally look for them.โ€ On the website they are listed under ‘18 plus pies‘. She continues to make the explicit cakes for now. โ€œWe don’t live in the Middle Ages. This is my job, and this is what I like to do. If it‘s too flared up, I’ll take a step back. But I don‘t think that’s necessary,โ€ says Brouwer to Omroep Brabant.