‘A gender neutral card game, are we really waiting for that? ‘

Hester Zitvast writes about what she stands out in the news and in the media. This time about the message that the 23-year-old student Indy (23) has designed a gender neutral card game. By playing with a traditional deck of cards, we would be sexist in our mind, because in this the gentleman is worth more than the woman. โ€œI am so surprised that people are worried about this…โ€

Caramel Sea Salt

‘Slowly neutralises the whole country,โ€ I hear many boomer thinking when reading the message that 23-year-old Indy, a game fanatic and student, has developed a card game that should contribute to equality between men and women. It’s a bit like the varnish sea saltization of the complete supply in the supermarket; it doesn‘t stop.

Who cares

There is something to say, of course, for the fact that the gentleman has been given a higher value than the woman. But there is also something to say that you take offense at that. Perhaps I am too caught up with the who cares gene in this area, but seriously, if you worry about that, you are in a luxury position with a lack of real problems.

In the

old days


not everything always has to stay this way ‘because it used to be like this. ‘ That meep with yesteryear should stop. But as far as I’m concerned it can be a bit less, it‘s hyper-sensitive. We’re dealing with a generation that doesn‘t seem to be able to stand anything. Everything is taken personally. The heaviness is immense, the humor is far to seek. And the toes are so long, they have to stumble over it.

Peasant protest

What’s next? Are the farmers going to ring the bell now because they feel disadvantaged while playing cards? After all, they are completely undermined, so the tractors are back up and driving the front door out of the door of the various game manufacturers? That sounds ridiculous, but let us not forget that there really is a new version of the game on the table. I‘m not ruling out anything anymore.

Care tasks

Look for equality between men and women in different areas than in these insignificant corners. Let women do more hours of paid work a week and make more careers. Stop making unprecedented statements like, โ€œI only work for childcare.โ€ Let men take on more care tasks and balance the household division. Get to work with that.

Parttime paradise

Indy had never really thought about it, about the inequality in the card game. And that while they bully countless jars, poker or clover coats to her name. But suddenly she wondered why the man was worth more. That’s possible, such a question, all of a sudden โ€” out of nowhere. Better Indy focuses on her female fellow students who immediately dive into part-time paradise after graduation โ€” that‘s what makes the dike. You don’t get equality out of some pieces of cardboard. But fair is fair; it is talkative.