A lively past and alternative story in new Paradise Lost gameplay

IGN introduced new details and gameplay to Paradise Losts first-person adventure, the action of which is set in alternate 1980s. The player finds himself in the role of a 12-year-old boy who found a huge bunker of Nazis near Poland, which he has to explore. In the rooms are hidden various terrible secrets and details of the development of this alternative world.

The hero himself is looking for a mysterious man from a photograph of the dead mother. Through their history, the authors from PolyaMorous wanted to show the consequences of war through the eyes of an innocent child who will have to live with the consequences of what was done earlier.

The game is created to metaphorically reflect the five stages of grief. From a gameplay point of view Paradise Lost is a classic adventure, when the character needs to walk around rooms, explore various riddles and learn mythology.

The authors do not plan arrange horror catch-up in the manner of some similar projects, instead offering a choice of different ways that affect the development of the story and several finals. The game itself will be quite short – about four hours per pass.

During the journey, the hero will be able to โ€œsurviveโ€ some moments of the past, in which the authors will also give to make a certain choice that affects the future. Previously, they noted that the changes will also affect visual style.

The release of Paradise Lost should take place before the end of the year on the RS, and in time it is going to be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. More on Gambling Difficulties of smuggling in debut Smuggler Simulator In photo mode Control managed to compare PS5 and Xbox Series X – the latter above FPS World of Tanks plan to release on Steam before the end of the year.