A lollipop as corontest? In Austria, they have that

Many children do not like a corontest. Such a cotton swab that should be in your nose and in the back of your mouth. Thats why they came up with one that looks like a lollipop in Austria.

With a taste

In the lollipop test, children should hold a cotton swab in their mouths for two minutes. The baton has a taste, so that it is not annoying. Their spit is collected in a tube and sent to a laboratory. They can see if anyones infected with the coronavirus.

The test is mainly intended for young children up to 6 years old. A couple of preschool halls in Austria are now trying the lollipop test.

Previously, the test has already been tried on adults. The creators are sure that the test will allow them to see if anyone is infected with corona. Now theyre investigating whether it works well when young children use the test.