A new animated series “Star Wars: The Marriage Party” launched on Disney+

Disney+ released the debut episode of the new animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars with the subtitle The defective party. The plot of the project starts parallel to the third episode saga, and in the center of the story is a defective squad of clones 99, whose features did not allow them to mindlessly execute the famous order 66. This does not please representatives of the Empire, including moffa Tarkin, who opens up a hunt on them.

In addition, in the process of escaping from the forces of evil to the heroes adjoins the young heroine Omega with Camino, whose origin is shrouded in secrecy. Timekeeping of the debut series was an impressive 70 minutes, but new series, most likely to correspond to the standard duration of the same Clone Wars .

The first series has already managed to get high ratings from the audience — 9. 3 points on IMDb as well as 100% & laquo; freshness from critics and 97% among ordinary viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Also, recently Disney in honor of Star Wars Day showed a new model of real lightlight& raquo; sword that will appear in an interactive amusement park hotel in 2022. More on the Gambling Crossroads Inn comes out on Xbox Series and Xbox One May 19 Enthusiasts are already filling the demo Resident Evil Village with different fashions Disney showed real light sword from Star Wars.