A new battle breaks out in the trailer of the fresh Mortal Kombat cartoon

A trailer for the new cartoon on the Mortal Kombat franchise – Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind has appeared on the Internet. The plot tells how a young fighter Kenshi Takahashi lost his eyesight, but then learned to fight without him with the help of Sub-Zero, who is โ€œretiredโ€. Moreover, the hero will especially need skills because Kano and his mercenaries oppose him.

The author of the past two films in the Legends series, Rick Morales, is responsible for the production of the film. The screenwriter was again Jeremy Adams.

Kano is voiced by David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings), and Kenshi gave the voice to Manny Jacinto (Good Place). Ron Yuan, who voiced Scorpio in MK11, will perform the role of Sub-Zero here.

The project is scheduled for release on October 8. More on Gambling Addiction Yakuza, Ghost Recon and Metro Exodus will appear in the PS Plus subscription on August 16 The first reviews and the first minutes of Spider-Man on PC in 4K appeared on the network Wonder Woman from Monolith has found a new screenwriter.