A teaser of the sequel “Shazama!” with an updated hero costume

He was directed by Shazama! David F. Sandberg showed the first teaser of the sequel with the updated design of the hero costume. The paphos video concludes in the style of the first picture, which was more humorous in relation to others to DCEU movies.

In the ending of the video, the protagonist wonders why the room is so dark, and complains that it would be possible to turn on at least one light bulb . The plot of the tape is kept secret, but earlier it became it is known that the roles of the villains of the painting departed Helen Mirren and Lucy Lew.

They perform the party of the daughters of the god Atlas, who served as one of the sources of power of the protagonist. The premiere of the sequel is set for June 1, 2023, and the main role will again be performed by Zachary Livay.

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