A third composition from the soundtrack of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 — Zone Dreams appeared

The authors of S. T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

2 from GSC Game World presented the third composition from the soundtrack of the upcoming game — Zone Dreams. Together with the composition there was a new accompanying conversion.

Zone — place mysterious and volatile. You never know how much the way will take.

A week, two, a month? And most importantly – will you come back alive? Where will the road get? You go to the Plateau, and hit the catacombs. Went to the Dump – went to the bandits camp.

And who to call for help? Thats how we live. You go nowhere and you dont know when youre going to come back.

And if you go. .

. Its better and not to think about it.

Maybe we dont exist for a long time — and we are just shadows in sad sleeps. Dreams zony.

GSC Game WorldLast year developers showed the first gameplay teaser of the sequel – the game will become temporary exclusive Xbox Series and PC, with a release expected this year. To release S.

T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

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