A thousand camping guests California from the outside world cut off by forest fire

In California, a thousand camping guests have been cut off from the outside world by a forest fire. They are on a campsite in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The only access road to the site is not accessible due to the fire.

Firefighters are trying to fight the fire and clear the way. Extinguisher planes have also been deployed. Guests have been told to jump into a nearby lake if the fire continues.

Forest fires have been raging in the American state for more than two weeks. The first fires were caused by lightning and were able to spread quickly, because the extreme heat in California is cork-dried. More than 6,000 square kilometers of forest have already gone up in flames.

At least eight people died in the fire and almost 3300 houses and other buildings were burned down; as a result, more than 10,000 people have to look for another place to stay. More than 12,000 firefighters are trying to extinguish the various forest fires.

The Governor of California has declared a state of emergency.