A thousand men at illegal coronaffeestje in Serbian nightclub

On Saturday the Serbian authorities discovered more than a thousand people in a nightclub in the centre of Belgrade. This is a massive violation of the Coronare rules in the Balkans.

Three people are suspected of having organized the party. They are detained for 48 hours, reports the Serbian Interior Ministry in a press release. They have a high fine and possibly a prison sentence of three years over their heads.

Cafes and restaurants must close in Serbia at 20:00. According to the data from Johns Hopkins University, nearly 420,000 corona infections have been detected in the former Yugoslav Republic with some 7 million inhabitants. At least 4214 people died from the consequences of Covid-19. By comparison, in the Netherlands it is about 15,000 death toll.


Meetings of more than five persons are prohibited in Serbia. The authorities have carried out approximately 275,000 checks in catering establishments since the beginning of the epidemic. In addition, a total of 79 million dinars (over 670,000 euros) has been fined, according to the Serbian Ministry of Health.