A thousand snowmen for a sick boy

A sweet action in Poland. Residents of the village of Bialystok built a thousand snowmen for charity. Their 2-year-old villager Bartek is sick and that‘s why they want to help him.

Bartek was born with a heart defect. He can be operated in the United States, but it costs a lot of money. With this action, they hope to get attention and raise money.

Bartek’s parents need a total of 150,000 euros. Whether it has managed to raise so much money is not yet clear.

Build snowmen for charity!

Here in Poland, people are busy with a sweet action.

They‘re raising money for 2-year-old Bartek. He’s sick and needs surgery, but it costs a lot of money.

For every snowman, people donate money. And the whole village is helping!

1000 snowmen for Bartek – that‘s what the action is called.

And Bartek’s parents are very happy with all the donations:

In the village now live more snowmen than people.

Because of the action there are now more snowmen in the village than people