A Way Out bought more than 3.5m times and Youssef Fares is unfazed on behalf of Xbox Series X

Game designer and director Youssef Fares gave a small interview to IGN, in which, for example, revealed sales of A Way Out – they exceeded 3. 5 million copies, which means the game was played by about 7 million people. According to Fares, Electronic Arts did not expect such sales in any way, especially from a small team of 30-50 people.

However, the publisher still decided to trust the ambitious developer, which eventually resulted in an unconditionally successful release. Along with this, the game designer eloquently spoke out about the confusing title of the Xbox Series.

Its a b****** confusing title. What the **wh** is going on at Microsoft? They lose their grip.

What, b**, is going on? Kind of Series S, X, Max, Next. Well, like, who even gets into it? God, insanity.

Call it Microsoft Box and thats it. I dont know, its a total cavardack.

Believe me, even theyre in the office messing around. These X-Men, Es.

. .

I dont know what the x***me. .

Now Phares is preparing for the release of his next game โ€” Co-operative It Takes Two. She continues to develop A Way Outs ideas for combining gameplay and storytelling.

The developer does not really like that the gameplay and plot of many games seem to exist separately from each other – he avoids this. โ€œSometimes designers and screenwriters make two completely different games.

โ€ At the same time in February, the studio of Fares will start production of its next game, which will be different from anything before that did the developer โ€” Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out and It Takes Two. The latest, by the way, is released on March 26 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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