Abandoned dog found in train toilet: ‘Not clear how long beast has been there’

At Turnhout station, a city in the north of Belgium, a dog was found on the toilet of a train on Monday night. Everything indicates that the owner left the dog behind. The police brought the animal, which was not chipped, to the animal shelter in the Belgian town of Weelde. For the time being, the owner hasnt reported.

โ€œThe late colleagues found the dog in the toilet of one of the trains on Monday night. The owner was nowhere to be foundโ€, says an employee at Turnhout station. The toilet door would not have been locked, but it is impossible for a dog to open the closed door. The police were brought in.

Sweet little dog

โ€œIts not clear to us how long the animal has been there. After the report we took care of the dog and brought it straight to the animal shelter Veeweyde in Weeldeโ€, says Rudy Remijsen of Police Regio Turnhout.

The owner hasnt reported on Tuesday. โ€œThe stafford isnt chipped either, so we cant track down the owner ourselves,โ€ it sounds at Veeweyde. โ€œIts a very sweet and healthy dog. We now wait fifteen days for the owner to report. If that doesnt happen, he may be adopted.โ€