Abducted crew members of ship Dutch company released

Fifteen abducted employees of a ship managed by a Dutch company have been released. The tanker Davide B, which sails under Maltese flag, was robbed a month ago off the coast of Benin, West Africa. In addition, the fifteen crew members were taken. Six others were left on board.

Ship company De Poli Tankers from Barendrecht says that the employees are doing well according to circumstances. They are currently being medically examined and returned to their homeland. They are employees from the Philippines, Russia and two Baltic States.

Where exactly the abducted employees have been detained is not entirely clear. The spokesman for the shipping company says that it was probably Nigeria. โ€œThere they also reunited with our people on the spot,โ€ he says.

He doesnt want to tell if theres been a ransom paid. According to him, there was a long dialogue. Its not clear who was behind the kidnapping.


In a statement, the director of the shipping company says that she is relieved that the employees are safe and can return to their families. โ€œThe last few weeks have been an extremely difficult period for everyone, especially for the fifteen seafarers and their families. We admire their courage in this period.โ€

In the Gulf of Guinea, robberies or hijacking are increasingly taking place. Last September, pirates attacked another Gronings ship and kidnapped two crew members. In January, a dead man fell in an attack on a container ship, the other crew members were abducted and released after a few weeks.