Abidal heard due to possible revenge action on PSG player Hamraoui

Eric Abidal‘s name has emerged in the investigation into the attack on Paris Saint-Germain player Kheira Hamraoui. The former FC Barcelona defender will soon be heard by the French police, as has been confirmed to Le Monde.
According to the leading French newspaper, the police take into account a revenge action in the relational sphere. An interrogation of Abidal’
s wife, Hayet, is also ‘not excluded’, acknowledges the French prosecutor‘s office. Initially, teammate and competitor Aminata Diallo was suspected of plotting the attack on Hamraoui, but that is no longer the most important hypothesis.
Hamraoui was dragged out of a car by two masked men in Paris on the night of 4 to 5 November, after which an iron rod struck her legs with an iron rod. The PSG midfielder was in the car together with Diallo and another teammate. She had to have several stitches placed in the hospital.
According to Le Monde, researchers have determined that the SIM card in Hamraoui’
s mobile phone is in the name of Abidal. The two reportedly had a relationship in the past. The men who attacked Hamraoui would have reproached her โ€œsleeping with married men.โ€ The day after the attack, she was said to have called Abidal.
France‘s 67-time international was technical director at his old club FC Barcelona from 2018 to 2020. During that same period, Hamraoui played for the women’s team of the Catalans. By the way, Abidal has been married to Hayet since 2007, with whom he has five children.