About a hundred footballers, including women, evacuated from Afghanistan

A group of around 100 football players, including a group of female players, have been evacuated from Afghanistan. FIFA Football Association, which worked with Qatari authorities before the rescue operation, reports that the group landed in Doha last night.

According to the World Football Association, โ€œcomplicated negotiationsโ€ preceded the evacuation. FIFA thanks in a statement the persistence of the Qatari authorities and says it continues to make efforts to evacuate other sportsmen from Afghanistan.

The group of female footballers in particular has been in great danger in Afghanistan, since the Taliban seized power. It is forbidden for women to exercise because it would be lewd.

The Qatari Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has shared footage of the evacueess arrival.

Since Afghanistans takeover of power by the Taliban, it has been particularly complicated to leave the country. FIFA says it has been evacuating football players since August.

Previously, the International Olympic Committee has brought some hundred Olympians and paralympians to safety abroad. Part of the Afghan womens team has also been put to safety before: they stay in Portugal and have received asylum there.

On Tuesday, a group of at least eight interpreters and other people who once worked for the Netherlands managed to leave the country by plane. That was the first time since the last American troops left Kabul. Yesterday it was announced that an interpreter who worked for the Dutch was murdered in Kabul.