About ten dead and 125 missing after rupture glacier north India

After breaking down a piece of a glacier in the Indian Himalayas, there have been major floods downstream. The Prime Minister of the affected state of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat, is afraid that at least 125 people are missing. According to local media, at least nine bodies have been recovered, but it is feared that many more people have not survived the disaster.

Authorities have alerted and sent military units and rescue teams with helicopters. The area is located about 300 kilometres northeast of the capital New Delhi. The piece of glacier crambed into the river and caused some kind of tidal wave. In a village nearby many houses have been damaged and at least three bridges have been knocked away by the ferocious stream.

The water level in the rivers feeding the glacier, the Dhauliganga and the Alakknanda, has risen enormously in a short period of time. According to eyewitnesses, a dam and power plant under construction were virtually wiped out by the waxing water. A lot of employees are missing there. Sixteen could be rescued from a plight in a tunnel. However, the tidal wave that caused the demolished piece of glacier is no longer dangerous further downstream.