Aboutaleb stays there: no Coolsingel for Feyenoord, but fountain prohibition

Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, is not planning to have a possible Conference League inauguration of Feyenoord on the Coolsingel even after the insistence of the city council. He also plans to dry the Hofplein fountain.
The civilian father hinted on Wednesday that he did not intend to allow a tribute on the Coolsingel, as he could not get the security of a major event arranged. A tribute in De Kuip was possible, but that came to the PvdA politician with fierce criticism from the city council.
They talked about him on Thursday and hoped to persuade Aboutaleb to enter the Coolsingel anyway. However, that does not seem to happen, because the mayor was adamant. He agreed to think about it again, but also indicated that there was little hope to be cherished.
Aboutaleb also announced that he wants to dry the Hofplein fountain, which Feyenoord fans would like to dive into after winning an award. This is to prevent traffic chaos and that drunk people cause dangerous situations by jumping into the water.