AC Milan goalkeeper lost nearly three months due to stubborn injury

AC Milan has to do it for the next ten weeks without Mike Maignan. The goalkeeper has a wrist injury that he hasn‘t just recovered from. Maignan has to rest six weeks first.
Maignan (26) was recently injured and has been extensively examined by both the medical staff and doctors in the hospital. He has to keep a rest for the next six weeks, after which a four-week rehabilitation period follows.
Maignan made the switch from French champion Lille OSC to Milan last summer. The Serie A club paid thirteen million euros for him. Maignan played seven games in Milan’
s main power this season.
Milan ranks second in Serie A. The leading position is for SSC Napoli, which is still clear to date.

Official Statement: Mike Maignan โžก Official: Mike Maignan โžก
โ€” AC Milan (@acmilan) October 13, 2021