Academia: School Simulator exits early access in January

Filipino studio Squeaky Wheel has announced that work on the city planning simulator Academia: School Simulator is nearing completion. The game was released into early access Steam in September 2017, and should leave it in January 2021. During the stay in early access, the game received 98% positive reviews, more than 80 thousands of players.

This gives developers reasons to consider Academia: School Simulator the best simulator of the school in Steam. Before the release of the game takes place, it will still release the December update version 1.

It will add a new Teachers Pet feature: players will be able to select a โ€œfavoriteโ€ student and follow them to cheer or send them to additional trainings. In version 1 players are waiting for a number of gameplay improvements: more events, achievements and scenarios.

Developers completely redesigned the training level, improved the interface and conducted a general polish. Academia: School Simulator allows you to build a school according to its own understanding and establish it smooth operation, keeping an eye on all aspects of functioning from the recruitment of teachers and pupils to garbage removal.

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