Access to Twitter in Russia may be blocked in a month

According to TASS, access to Twitter in Russia can be blocked in a month. According to the deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin, if the service does not remove the prohibited information, retaliatory measures will follow. โ€œWe took a month and are watching Twitters reaction to the removal of prohibited information.

After that, depending on the action of the administration of the social network, appropriate decisions will be madeโ€ Vadim SubbotinEarlier Roskomnadzor slowed down the network โ€œfor the purpose of protection Russian citizensโ€ for the same reasons. Materials โ€œinducing suicide and containing child pornographyโ€ were considered prohibited.

However, then the agency limited the download speed of all sites with the mention of the short domain Twitter – t. co.

As a result, after the introduction of measures, users โ€œfellโ€ a number of sites. More on Gambling Media: Russia may have an online content support fund This month for Civilization VI will be released an addition with Portugal and zombie mode In Fortnite launched 6 season 2 chapter โ€” โ€œWild Timesโ€.