Accident at dawn: Car rolls over on motorway near Hamburg

Bad accident on the A21 near Leezen (Bad Oldesloe). Early Sunday morning a car rolled over there. The driver was seriously injured. The motorway had to be closed.

According to CCeit information, the accident occurred around 5 o’clock. There is little traffic on the A21 at this time. A woman is travelling north in a Mercedes SLK. Suddenly the driver loses control of the car, rolls over and lands in the grass strip on the roof.

Rescuers free women from Mercedes wreck

The alarmed fire brigade and rescue service are approaching and will be on the scene within minutes. The rescuers have to free the driver and the passenger from the wreck. After being cared for by the emergency doctor, they are taken to a clinic with minor injuries.

The police closed one lane of the highway to the north at the Leezen exit for the duration of the rescue work. In addition, officials have begun investigating the cause of the accident.