Accidents due to smoothness, as of tonight again code yellow in almost all the country

Due to the smoothness of the roads, several accidents have happened this morning. Cars slipped off the road or slipped against each other. There will be no warnings in the next few hours, reports the KNMI.

From 18.00 onwards, code yellow applies throughout the country, except in the Wadden Islands. Then there is a chance of smoothness again, because wet areas of the roads freeze. That warning will be effective until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. The KNMI calls on drivers to adjust their driving behaviour.

postpone trip

This morning code orange was issued for the provinces in the north and middle of the country, with the exception of Groningen. There was also warned of dense fog in North Brabant and Limburg.

Motorists were called on to postpone their journey in the north and middle of the country due to smoothness due to freezing. โ€œTake into account dangerous driving conditionsโ€, tweeted Rijkswaterstaat.

Until the end of the morning there was code yellow in the middle and south:

The ANWB further reports that the motorway A6 from Lelystad to Muiden is open again. The road was closed by freezing rain.

Among other things, on the A1 in Het Gooi there were four accidents this morning. For example, just before the exit Laren- Hilversum slipped towards Eemnes on the back of a truck.

After that, the car in the guardrail came to a standstill:

The woman was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Its not known what her injuries are.

In Langelo in Drenthe also hit a motorist by smoothness of the road. No one got hurt.

The car came to a standstill in the ditch:

โ€œ The smoothness is caused by some showers from the north last night,โ€ says weatherman Gerrit Hiemstra. โ€œBefore the mood, the temperature was already below 0, and then it started raining.โ€

So the rain fell on frozen ground. โ€œLast night was sprinkled everywhere, but when it rains, the salt flows down a large part of the street,โ€ says Hiemstra. โ€œThen it wont be able to do its job and itll still be slippery.โ€

For smoothness fighters, according to Hiemstra, these are the most unpleasant conditions. โ€œEveryone has done their job, but after such a mood you have to sprinkle immediately again. That takes time and then you walk a little behind the facts.โ€

On the A2 between Vught and Maasbrug Hedel was sprinkled again and a speed limit was set:

Also in Leeuwarden it was slippery. Cyclists had to carefully cross a bridge: