According to CIA, there is no evidence that Russia or other countries cause Havana syndrome

The CIA does not assume that Russia and other foreign powers are responsible for so-called Havana syndrome among diplomats and their families. The US security service has examined a thousand cases, in just 24 cases, foreign interference is not yet ruled out.

Cases of Havana syndrome have occurred in China, Vietnam, Austria and Colombia, among others. This is a mysterious condition first seen in American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba in 2016, with complaints ranging from dizziness to concentration problems, balance disorders, hearing loss and anxiety. Sometimes it is also a combination of complaints that is described as ‘brain mist’.

What causes the complaints has never been fully clarified. Among other things, it was pointed to Russia, which would cause complaints with targeted microwave weapons. Other countries such as China and Cuba were also designated as possible culprits.

Stress and undiscovered medical conditions

Completely different theories are that the sound of bursting crickets is responsible, or pesticides used to kill mosquitoes.

According to the CIA, most cases can be explained by stress or previously unidentified medical conditions, or conditions in the living environment. Many victims react in a staggering way to the findings, writes The New York Times. Not enough would have been done with findings that strange sounds have been heard in the environment or unexplained electromagnetic radiation was measured.

Not yet completed

The CIA says the findings do not question โ€œthat our employees report real experiences and suffer from real symptomsโ€. Also, the CIA does not rule out that microwave weapons deployed by other countries are the explanation in the 24 cases where no cause has yet been established.

In response, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the investigation has not yet been completed in his opinion: โ€œWe continue to do everything we can to understand what happened and why and who may be responsible.โ€