Accountants find no abuses in first investigation mask deal Van Lienden

Forensic accountants found no evidence of integrity violations in a preliminary investigation into the face mask deal between the National Consortium Tools and the Sywert van Lienden company. That‘s what the missionary minister Van Ark announced. The investigation was initiated because possible irregularities had previously been identified. But according to Van Ark, this research was based only on โ€œlimited demandโ€ and many additional questions have arisen over time.

Van Ark therefore finds it premature to conclude that there was nothing wrong with the deal. โ€œThe bottom stone must be above,โ€ she repeated today. As she had previously announced, there will be a more comprehensive investigation. This is about the Consortium’s entire procurement policy and is done by Deloitte.

The Minister writes to the House that Deloitte Forensic & Dispute Services should focus primarily on the agreement with Van Liendens Foundation Helptroepen Alliance and his BV Relief Goods Alliance Foundation.

Room for hearing and hearing

The first part of that larger investigation is planned to be completed on September 1st. Earlier, Van Ark said to hope that the results were clear before the summer recess, but she has now understood from several research firms that this is not feasible because there must be plenty of room for hearing and hearing.

The second part of the wider research should deal with two other major agreements on masks with entrepreneurs other than Van Lienden, worth more than 100 million euros. That part is probably October 1st.

A third part examined all other agreements and that research is expected to be completed on 1 November,


There is much to do about the face mask deal with Van Lienden, among other things because he initially said that he was ‘to do not’, while later it turned out that Van Lienden and his business partners made 28 million euros from their deal last year.

This morning, Volunteers of the Assistance Alliance called in an open letter Van Lienden and his partners to pay back the profits. Previously, the House did that too.