Accusation of rape in Australian parliament, Prime Minister ‘is sick of it’

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, says that there is a problematic working culture in parliament. He said that in response to allegations of rape of two former employees, reports Reuters news agency.

The women say they were raped by a colleague from Morrisons liberal party. Its not known who its about.

This week, Brittany Higgins, former government media adviser, declared to Australian public broadcaster ABC two years ago that he was raped by the man in the office of one of the ministers. A second woman says to The Weekend Australian she was attacked by him last year after dinner. The woman wants to remain anonymous.

President Morrison says hes sick of it:

โ€œ I tell my story because I want to support Brittany,โ€ says the anonymous woman to the newspaper. โ€œAnd I want to help bring this terrible culture to light.โ€ Higgins accusations raise questions in Australia as to whether the incident was not deliberately hidden at the time. According to Higgins, at least two colleagues knew what had happened.

Higgins now claims to file a formal complaint to open a police investigation. She has not done that before, because she felt that she had to choose between keeping her job and filing a complaint. Morrison apologized today for the way the case was handled at that time.