Act with firebreepers at Belgian festival goes wrong: woman suffers heavy burns

An act with a fire-breathing during Michiel Cnudde‘s DJ set at a Belgian dance festival went terribly wrong. The woman caught fire, jumped off the stage, rolled over the ground and had to be cooled by the fire brigade. The woman was brought to the hospital in Ghent with severe burns and according to the police in critical condition.

The third edition of the Ypres Highlight Festival was organised last Saturday in the theme ‘Circus of Felicity‘. The main stage was transformed into circus tent and the performances of artists such as Regi and Gers Pardoel were filled with flamethrowers, a circus cannon and other spectacles. After an act with human cannonball Marcello, circus director James Edward Knuckles announced DJ Michiel Cnudde’s last set around midnight. On both sides of his turntable, firebreepers appeared on stage. One of the fire-brewers was dressed in a pack of fluffy accessories on chest, shoulders and arms.

Fire brigade near

The act started well, but suddenly things went wrong. When the woman spat a large flame towards the festival meadow, the down on her chest seemed to catch flame. She dropped her torches and rushed to the back of the stage, where she tried to extinguish the fire.

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After this vain attempt, the woman walked back forward, jumped off the stage and rolled over the grass in the shielded zone between the stage and the first rows of festival-goers. Some of the organization‘s employees came to the aid and carried her to an intervention vehicle from the Ypres Post of the Westhoek Fire Brigade, which stood next to the stage. First aid was provided there.

Burn Center

The woman was discharged with an ambulance. โ€œFortunately, the staff and emergency services responded very quickly. We hope everything goes well,โ€ it sounds at the festival organization.

The company the victim works for stresses that everything will be back in order and that the woman will be back on stage soon.

The first rows of festival goers had seen the incident happen, but for most of the 6,500 festival-goers it went unnoticed. The music and the festival didn’t have to be shut down either.