ActiBlizzWalkOut promotions held at World of Warcraft and in Irvine

The opposition to Activision Blizzards active public and staff, stemming from the filing of a discrimination and harassmet lawsuit, continues. A massive rally of company workers and sympathizers took place in Irvine. Blizzard employees were responsible for the preparation of the demonstration, with points placed in the designated area water, snacks and sunscreens, dog and child care areas.

And passing cars were asked to signal as a sign of support. World of Warcraft players held their own support promotions.

They had previously staged a โ€œsit-inโ€ in Oribos. They have now decided to get attention for sure, judging that notable mass horse races are bound to be in the stats.

For this, the players reconvened in Oribosa to organize and at the same time en masse get out of the game. Symbolically, most of them used an ancient way: a mount that Blizzard gave to all buyers of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands supplement as a token of gratitude.

Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick responded to the allegations by assuring that the company is all our soul for equality. He condemned Blizzards management for โ€œmoral deafnessโ€ and announced that he was engaging WilmerHale law firm to resolve personnel issues and accept all employees statements.

stated that Kotiks promises were not enough. He said nothing about abolishing the forced arbitration that is entered into the employment contracts of all employees, involving employees in recruitment and promotion processes, openness of all salaries top to bottom and complete audit of the company.

Blizzard has already begun stripping World of Warcraft: NPCs, quests and items named after Alex Afrasiabi, one, are removed and renamed from the game of the main indictments. The scandal caused Activision Blizzards market capitalization to fall by about $4 billion, but the stock rate is gradually leveling off.

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