Action Blue Fire is released on February 4

Studio ROBI and Graffiti Games publishing house have announced the release date for adventure platform action film Blue Fire. The game will be released on February 4, and not only on the Nintendo Switch, as originally planned, but also on Ps. The game takes place in the dark world of the devastated kingdom of Poluteni.

Players have to go on a journey to find all the secrets of a long-forgotten land. They will open unique locations full of a variety of opponents, platform tests, missions, valuable objects and deadly hazards.

In the territories of Half-Darkness you can find entrances to the lost lands Voids. In them, players are waiting for extremely complex platform tests.

But those who cope with them will be able to get valuable rewards and trophies. More on CCeit Early access to 30XX will open 17 February Monstrum 2 enters early Steam access January 28 Save dogs in The Last Friend arcade and take them to the team.