Action group Extinction Rebellion blocks British newspaper printers

On Saturday, a group of climate activists from Extinction Rebellion blocked the printing offices of a number of major British newspapers. As a result, millions of Brits received their newspapers too late.

The climate activists demonstrated at three large printing companies where leading British newspapers are printed. Activists used vehicles to block the roads to the print shops. 72 people were arrested, writes press agency Reuters. Prime Minister Johnson, himself a former journalist, called the action “unacceptable”.

The print shops produce titles such as The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. The demonstrators feel that these newspapers pay too little attention to climate change. More progressive newspapers such as The Guardian were not targeted by the action.

The company behind the printing works, Newsprinters, announced that the titles were forced to be printed in other locations. The Sun announced via Twitter that the printed copies would be late on the shelves because of this. The newspaper called the action an “attack on the free press” and the British Home Secretary even spoke of an “attack on democracy”.

Last year, Extinction Rebellion activists occupied several busy intersections in London. They believe that governments are doing too little to combat climate change.