‘Action KOZP against carnival costumes nonsense’

A splinter group of Kick out Zwarte Piet, now wants to ban the wearing of stereotype carnival costumes (Tel.18/1). How is it possible that these splinter groups get attention over and over again by nonsensical views, asks Otto C. Templars?

These idlers are only prohibiting innocent traditions for children and adults that have long been perpetuated by them. Is it not better to engage in the fight against the coronavirus, which is now really affecting so many people and are involved in protective measures, than to be constantly banning relaxation which is so important to many, especially at this time?

Probably these splinter groups consist exclusively of people who still lack the necessary life experience and cannot distinguish main and secondary issues from each other. It is all becoming more and more ridiculous and we are now waiting for another ban.

Otto C. Templars, Heemstede