Action Lawyer ‘almost cabaret’

Pierre van Hooijdonk has made short work with Feyenoord trainer Dick Lawyer at Studio Voetbal. The two have been dealing with each other for a long time: Van Hooijdonk ventilated internal dissatisfaction earlier this season at Feyenoord and Advocate refused a DeccEit offer to act as an analyst during the European Championships, because he does not want to cooperate with Pi-Air.
During the Studio Football broadcast on Sunday evening, the comments of Lawyer after the blaming defeat at ADO Den Haag will be discussed. The Little General said he was willing to leave if the players needed it. At the press conference, however, he stressed that he was ultimately the one who would make a decision. โ€œThis is almost cabaretโ€, laughs Van Hooijdonk. โ€œFirst, the players must decide whether to stay. Then the journalist asks the question: so the players have your fate in their hands? No, the players don‘t have that at all, I decide it myself…โ€
Van Hooijdonk will inform you if asked that Lawyer should keep the honour to himself. โ€œI think the chemistry is completely gone. And that was caused by the fact that Lawyer has publicly cracked down a lot of players. And then you always hear: yes, they all have to be able to handle that. Sjors (table guest Sjors Ultee, trainer of Fortuna Sittard, red.) knows like no other that this is all very sensitive. If you as a trainer draws all the success to you and that it is always up to the players in the event of a loss…โ€
According to Pi-Air, this was again the case after the blamage in The Hague. โ€œThose players get million-dollar contracts, they’
ll have to do it. For example, he had a few oneliners, in which he again blamed the players and did not blame himself at allโ€, says Van Hooijdonk, who also goes on to an argument of Lawyer, that he has no right to speak, because he can never be found at the training complex of Feyenoord. โ€œThat‘s right, but no one is allowed to go there right now… And what he says, that’s totally true: there are all top people working. But if you don‘t use it as a trainer, like with the data specialists, then it ends anyway.โ€

Chaos at Feyenoord. Trainer Dick Lawyer has no idea if he wants and can move on. โ€œIt’s almost cabaretโ€
โ€”CCEit Sport (@ CCEitSport) May 2, 2021