Action no longer sells knives to children under the age of 16

Shop chain Action has not sold knives to people under the age of 16 for some time now. The sales ban applies to all 400 shops in the Netherlands. Action took this decision at the request of a neighbourhood agent in Zaandam.

“We received a signal in June from a neighbourhood police officer that he had found a number of minors in Zaandam with a knife in their pockets that they had bought from Action,” said a spokesman for the chain of shops to NH News. “We took immediate action and decided to stop selling knives to people under the age of 16”

On the shelf in front of the knives there is a card in the shop pointing out the sales ban. There are also extra checks at the cash register. “As soon as the knife comes under the scanner, the cashier is notified that the age of the person buying the knife needs to be taken into account,” says the spokesperson.

Weapons possession

The police welcome the action taken by Action. “Experience shows that after this action, months later, we no longer found a knife of Action in minors. The possession of weapons among young people has clearly decreased as a result of this action”, writes the police Zaanstreek on Facebook.

Police are concerned about the number of stabbings of young offenders and often young victims. In March, the CCeit reported that the number of young people suspected of involvement in a stabbing incident has doubled in recent years. Youth workers are also concerned.