Action “Nobody” with Bob Odenkörk will be released on digital venues on April 16

The action film Nobody by Ilya Naishuller (Hardcore) will be released in the figure already on 16 April. The rental of the picture started in the United States only on March 26, a week later than Russia, where the film appeared 18 of March. Thus, Nobody will appear in the figure 21 days after the start of the American rental.

Before that, studio Universal was just about to cut the window between the cinema exit and the digital release of the movies. The picture tells of Hitch (Bob Odenkirk), who after an attempted robbery of his house is returning to the path of violence that he tried to renounce years ago.

Earlier, the tape took the first place in the United States rental, collecting 6. 7 million dollars in the debut weekend.

World fees of the fighter passed for 12. 5 million dollars, Russia accounted for more than 179 million rubles (more than 2.

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