Activision Blizzard boasted the number of non-white employees and women

Daniel Alegre, Chief Operating Officer of Activision Blizzard, sent a special letter to all employees of the company. In it, he spoke about the companys success in increasing the proportion of non-white people and underrepresented ethnic groups, as well as women and non-binary persons. Alegre commented on the recently published work report companies on diversity, inclusion and equality.

According to him, in all global branches of the company, employees who identify themselves as women make up 24% of the total number. In the United States, 36% of employees identify themselves as members of small ethnic groups.

The company has set a goal to increase representation of women and non-binary people to 50% in 2022, and over the next five years years, they should account for more than one third of the state. To this end, it is planned to appoint new inclusion leaders, invest in training programs, and evaluate leadership for success in increasing the proportion of women and non-ferrous employees.

World of Warcraft players began to notice that more black and colored NPCs were appearing in Stormwind. The first facts of repainting appeared back in October 2020, but now representatives of the newly elected Board of Players drew attention to this.

Some of the elected advisers have already managed to separate, creating own unofficial Discord server called Seat of the Council. And after a complaint about the โ€œtoo manyโ€ black people in Stormwind caused a scandal, this server was closed, cleaned and opened under a new name Vacant Seat of the Council.

that another board member opposed the โ€œdenigrationโ€ of the NPC, considering this repainting a sign of Blizzards laziness. In his opinion, the manifestation of diversity and inclusion is not just to repaint the white characters, but to come up with a great story about how and why non-white people got into Stormgard.

Discord Council considered attempts to discuss this topic as a manifestation of racism. Black people dont think they have to explain anything to anyone.

On the other hand, draenei, for example, have been dedicated to an entire expansion, and the history of orcs can take several novels. More on Gambling Twenty years later Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance released on PC The Ubisoft chapter refers to NFTs as loot boxes and DLC Mary Skelter 2s tactical role will be released on PC year 2022.