Activision Blizzard contract employees achieved better pay and more

Activision Blizzard has agreed to meet its contract workers halfway in improving working conditions, said activist and company employee Jessica Gonzalez. that Activision Blizzard has decided to increase wages, henceforth provide paid leave, sick leave and more. The minimum hourly rate for all contract employees is now $17 per hour.

As of January 1, the company is committed to providing 13 paid holidays each year โ€” holidays. In addition, career development and training programs will be available to contract employees.

These changes occurred against the background of frequent complaints by temporary employees of the company about poor working conditions. It is reported that employees had to โ€œtake mandatory unpaid leave during the holidays, which caused them to find themselves in a financial and housing crisisโ€.

that Activision Blizzard itself is not in a good position now. Sexual harassment and discrimination scandals rage around the company.

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