Activision Blizzard employees prepare rally in front of company headquarters

Employees at Activison Blizzard announced they were going on strike tomorrow, July 28. They will gather near Blizzards main campus in Irving to hold a rally protesting the actions of the administration. According to the protesters, the companys management does not express the views and values of the workers company.

This refers to the reaction to the lawsuit: The company rejected the accusations, saying it was all the fault of the irresponsibility of the policies of officials who oust the best companies and businesses from California. , critical of Activison Blizzards management position, has already signed up 2,600 employees of the company.

They demand a change in hiring and promotion processes, abolishing enforcement clauses in contracts, auditing executive staff and publicize the salary and raises of all staff, regardless of gender or nationality. According to the initiative group, current practices have led to women, including those of color, transgender and non-binary, among others marginalized groups vulnerable to gender discrimination are unfairly harassed in appointments to new posts compared to men.

Those who would not be able to arrive in Irving for a protest rally, are asked to express support using the hashtag