Activision Blizzard has never been valued so expensive yet: 72 billion

Activision Blizzards market value has reached $72 billion, which is the maximum value in its history since 1984. Over the past months, the companys stock rate has steadily increased, and at the moment they are valued at about 95 dollars. The success of the company was undoubtedly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as in the whole game industry: people, once at home, started looking for ways to have fun.

But Activision Blizzards record large amount of profits bring microtransactions: In the last fiscal quarter, they reached $1. 2 billion.

A significant portion of the profit from in-game payments secured the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, the first shareware game in the series. Not so long ago there was also the release of the major World of Warcraft: Shadowlands supplement, which not only earned excellent reviews, but also showed record sales.

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