Activision returned money to Call of Duty players for accidentally released new crossbow

Last week, a drawing of the new R1 Shadowhunter crossbow appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War stores. At the same time, the weapon was not mentioned in the description of the patch, and it could only be used in Black Ops Cold War. Basic version of the crossbow could be obtained free of charge for performing the test (get three medals โ€œone shot โ€” one corpseโ€ in 15 matches using weapons without modules).

As a result, players started buying, opening, using and pumping R1 Shadowhunter. However, Activision soon reported that the crossbow appeared in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War ahead of time.

Initially, it was assumed that all the progress of the weapon would be erased, but after the negative reaction of players, the authors confirmed that the progress is partially preserved. At those who managed to get R1 Shadowhunter, the test will be performed for 14 of the 15 matches due to technical inventory limitations, but the progress of the weapon itself will remain fully.

Also, the progress will be completely preserved for those who did not have time to open weapons. Gamers who bought R1 Shadowhunter in the store, Activision has already issued a refund.

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